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Trip to Amazon

The Amazon, the world’s largest tropical rain forest, covers most of the north of Brazil. It has had a universal appeal through the ages – a dream that thousands of tourists come to fulfill every year by navigating its gigantic rivers in an attempt to unravel its enticing beauty and appreciating its unique biodiversity. The cities of Belém and Manaus are traditional gateways offering a profusion of opportunities to get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the Amazonas as well as the way of life of its people along with their rich cultural heritage.

The Teatro Amazonas located in the heart of Manaus is a Belle Époque opera theatre built at the height of the rubber boom in Brazil with the aim of making Manaus a centre of civilization. Built in a short time with imported materials from Europe: Carrara marble, steel, Murano glass, roof tiles and interior decorations, with the first Opera Season in 1897, held now in April and May (670 seats). Teatro da Paz in Belém, built in the same period in neoclassical style, features an impressive luxurious interior with outstanding paintings.

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