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Trip to Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo is more than a beautiful island on the Brazilian coast. With calm and warm waters, the region ensures one of the most spectacular tours in Bahia state. As we are a locally based company, we have listed our recommended Morro de São Paulo tours.

Start with a boat trip to Gamboa and Ponta do Curral, in typical boats called saveiros. On this Morro de São Paulo tour you will see the wild Ponta do Curral beach, the big Coroa sand bank, and even to have the opportunity of looking 10 years younger with a Gamboa clay bath!

A tour in Morro de São Paulo that shouldn’t be missed is a trip to the natural pools and Boipeba Island by speedboat. These natural pools of warm and transparent waters are the best place to snorkel and Boipeba Island has some of the wildest and most amazing beaches in country.

Humpback whale watching in Morro de São Paulo is available from July to October. It´s possible not only to see these giant mammals, but also to hear them with a hydrophone.