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Our Trips

We organize trips for individuals, couples, families, groups or companies… Our local guides are trained people by our staff. They add professionalism to their way of understanding life and their community … we do not change their way of meeting happiness … we just add something to it … As a result they always want to go the extra mile, to really make our clients very happy …. In addition, this is natural …. By the way, we just build on the so precious way Brazilians live their happy life, by just adding the caring and respectful way Freeway looks at nature, our partners, our clients, and the planet …

Our partnerships with local people all over the country is a lasting one …. We believe in long term relations …. That makes our clients special to them …. When Freeway clients arrive, they know that these are especial people, conscious people, clients that are willing to understand their way of life, and build a bridge between the two worlds …. Moreover, this is the best out of tourism ….

Our hotels and lodges are chosen with careful criteria: Charm, coziness, atmosphere, all this counts a lot …. and sure, always according to the wishes of the clients …. Because each one of us is quite different, aren’t we ?

Our 30 years work all along Brazil, creating products that came out to be hits, makes us very comfortable in advising the best , the balanced, for the time you have …. Always taking care not to make you rush … Because we believe that vacations should be refreshing  … for body and soul ….